Graphic Design is more than just conveying information. It is about visual solutions, grabbing the viewer and pulling them in. Giving them something to remember. My goal as a Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Manager is to create, or take what you already have and enhance it, change it, and make it POP. As a Manager, I strive to help my team achieve those goals.
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I receive a great deal of pleasure in designing and managing designers to achieve creative solutions that keep the attention of the viewer. Through Graphic Design and Management I am able to pursue what I love which is designing, from retail shelf products to documents. Additionally, my strengths also are in the visually enhancing graphic design of various instruments such as RFP's, RFQ's, etc. Over the years I have become exceptionally proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and Power Point. I have found a nice union using the Adobe CS software to enhance nearly all products I create when working with the Microsoft Office software.

Words to Live by:
Chivalry, Honor, Trust, and Respect.

                                    ~ Nanette Elizabeth Sage

Artist and Website Designer
Nanette E. Sage

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