Personal Biography

         The close personal stuff.

        Born in August, I am a Leo and my Chinese Sign is the Dragon. I stand about 5 feet 6 inches and my natural hair color is Gray and my eyes are hazel. For entertainment, I enjoy pretty much anything but my favorite is Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have a great sense of humor and love making really horrible jokes. Not dirty ones, but the kind that you laugh at because it is so bad yet say to your self, ?why did I laugh at that??. Heh heh (A friend said to me, "you tell bad Aunt Jokes").

        Born to William Victor Cardinale II and Pauline Lucile Cardinale. I am Italian and Norwegian. I have one sister and 2 brothers. Tami, Dale and Billy. Tami is still living.

        I grew up in a few different towns but the majority of my childhood was spent in a town called San Ramon, with my teen years in Danville, both towns are in the state of California in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

        Once out of High School I attended Diablo Valley Junior College, California State University Chico, and San Jose Masters Institute (which has since closed down). I have also attended other Colleges and received certificates, credentials and degrees from them but my primary college life was between Diablo Valley Junior College and California State University Chico.

         At Chico, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and received my Single Subject Teaching Credential.

         While at CSU Chico I made some amazing friends. Diane Gaiser (now Greenbaum), Julian Liu, and George Hadges. Easily the greatest friends a person might have while in college. We did everything together. Diane was my college sweethart. Eventually we went our separate ways but Julian and I stayed close friends. I hear from Julian once in a while (this guy by the way is a Genius). George was a Park Ranger and most likely one of the most dedicated ones you will ever find. If anyone will help you to learn and understand nature it is George. The guy is fantastic.

         From Chico I moved south to Southern California in hopes of finding my ideal teaching position. While living in Southern California, I received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential of which I could then teach within the Grade School environment. I found there is no more fulfilling of a job than teaching. I only wish the system permitted for a much smaller classroom size and greater pay. I still ponder on going back into teaching once I am ready to retire. I think it would be a fantastic field for retirement to keep busy and still contribute to society.

         Alas, the teaching field at the time did not work for me. With the massive layoffs that took place in the State and the lack of work, I had to persue other areas of employment. It is always and will always be a great field. So I moved back up to the Bay Area (San Francisco part of the California State).

         Once back in the Bay Area, I pursued my art in the form of Computer Graphics. The field of graphics came natural to me and my fine art experience made it even more exciting. Since I moved back to the Bay Area I have been doing graphics and design independently and for what ever companies I happen to work for.

         Also once back into the Bay Area, I met some of the most fantastic people including one of my best friends, Teresa Rutherford. Talk about a talented person. She is the kind of person that can take a retail company and make it a number one company in that companies industry. Her marketing knowledge and talent in product development is top of the line.

         I rekindled a bunch of past friendships (thank you Facebook) and even rekindled a special friendship with a woman I went to High School with. A Nancy Jones (now Nancy Jones-Komlosky) whom is now and hopefully for ever, my life partner.

        As for Movies, I enjoy nearly any kind of movies from action to love stories. One of my favorites is Taming Of the Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Wow, what a movie. Others I am a fan of are Princess Bride, and Lady Hawk. All of these to me are about True love. Presented in one way or another. Be it in humor, drama, or just fun.

         As for hobbies, I enjoy doing 3D art using Bryce and Googles Sketchup. I have Poser but still can not figure out how to make clothing or to get the clothing to work (have tried all the directions the program has to show me how), and I am going insane trying to get the image map right for changing the skin to look like something else. Nothing seems to want to line up correctly. OMG, this drives me crazy. I hear Z-Brush works wonders. Some day I may have to buy the program.

         I would say Bryce has been the 3D program I have had the most fun with though. My dream is to work in a company that I can learn to do the 3D work with. When I see a movie that has some of the most incredible 3D work it just makes me wish I could do that too. To me, the future will be Virtual Reality. Be it in a game, or in business. It will be the way to communicate in the future.

         I also enjoy Table Top (dice and paper) Fantasy Roll Playing Games (FRPG), Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing (computer) Games (MMORPG), and a variety of other games (card, board, strategy, role playing, etc.). For those that are not familiar with Fantasy Role Playing Games and MMORP Games, they typically are games that have no real end. You have a character that you create, then with a few other people, you go on adventures to achieve a goal. Your character is there to play in adventure after adventure. It is like creating a story but as a group. Your doing the story via communication and creativity around a table with books as resource material, dice to give a random variable, and your mind and immagination to create the settings and action.

         As for food, I like Italian, American/Chinese, Burgers and Fries, and Steak. I am not really a fish fan but I will eat it. I also enjoy deli sandwiches a great deal. Submarine sandwiches from the east coast are the best. In the end though, burgers tend to win out. I would say, were I given a choice and Fudruckers was in that list, it might be the option I choose. At least until I got over burgered out. Too much of a good thing can make it a bad thing.

         Well, it is not my life story, just some stuff that I wanted to share with anyone pondering about who I am or my past. I do hope you didn't fall asleep reading it. If you did, then hopfully you got a good long restful nap out of it. :D Heh heh.

         You have a great day (or night depending on where you are), and I will perhaps meet or hear from you some day.

Take care and stay healthy.

Sincerely, Nanette

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