Understanding GOD
Do you believe in God?

In the beginning there was nothing, and it was…um…well, nothing. Why was it nothing. Simple, it's because for some unknown reason many people seem to have to believe that there was a point when there was nothing. It is logical after all that, if there is something, then before there was something, there was nothing. So, it goes to show logically that something always comes from nothing. So, there you go, we started with nothing.

But wait, nothing? Nothing…is…something? Well, if you have nothing, then it is still something, it's just the opposite of something. Kinda like dark and light. To have one, you must have the other. A balance. As such, nothing is something, it's just not as easily measurable as something. Additionally, even though TIME is a concept, or idea, it has a basis for existence and as such, nothing becomes something because it is part of TIME, and like something which can be measured, nothing is the opposite and can not be. Thus, you have Nothing and Something. BOTH are… well, something. Nothing might not have substance or energy or life or anything we consider something, but to be nothing, is something. So, no matter how much we want to say the beginning was nothing, the beginning was always a "something". A something made of Nothing. So now that we understand that there has always been a something, even though it was a nothing, we know that nothing was something.

Well, that nothing which was something became more than nothing and evolved into something. The something evolved into thought. That's right. The Nothing, when it turned into something, only turned into one thing. Thought. So where there was Nothing that was something, the nothing became more than a nothing, and now a beginning that many need to understand, begins. Unbeknown to us though, that something which was nothing was always something. For when Nothing became, with it came thought. For, as the saying goes, "I think, therefore I am". Well, nothing can not be nothing unless it recognizes that it is nothing, and thus, nothing either changed into thought, or nothing was always thought in the first place, which…then means, it was never really nothing. So…I guess it must have changed into thought rather than having been thought all along. Otherwise, nothing was never really nothing. It was always something.

So, now understanding that nothing became something and the something became thought. We can ascertain that ALL action results from thought. Even the most rudimentary of thought. With action comes results. With results comes change. With change comes growth.

In the case of everything, the nothing thought about something, and thus, no longer was there nothing, but rather, now there is something. And it had purpose, it was productive, and more importantly, it was beneficial. The something was to realize, the nothing which is something understood that it is not nothing, but that rather it was something, and the something now existed. It thought it was and there for it was.

Once the something accepted that it was actually more than nothing it began to think. It's first thought was about what it was. Initially, while thinking about itself, it realized that it was nowhere, and with nothing else. As such, before determining what it was, it decided that it wanted more. It wanted purpose, and understanding. To that end, it chose to make the first of it's actions to bring balance to everything. It decided to create light. With that, the first light was created and it came in the form of a big massive explosion. The something now had form and purpose, but, it still lacked understanding. It had a reason to exist and, in the very instant that it created light, it also created a way to track time. No longer was time but a something with no substance. Now it had purpose, it was productive, and most importantly it was beneficial.

So now, thought, time, and light has become the something. This, this makes no sense. How can the something be thought, time, and light, and yet be so much more. It is obvious that the thought was more because of what came out of the creation of light. What the something had not come to realize is, the massive explosion is what we humans call the Big Bang, and there was not just the one. For when thought called for light, which also created time, it brought about a never ending cycle of big bangs throughout everywhere. With each big bang comes a Universe as we call it, and unbeknown to humans, they are infinite and never ending in their start and ends. For, the Big Bangs still continue as new Unknown Universe' are born.

So the nothing, once it had light and time (big bang), gave its self a Name. No one we know could ever hope to say the name, so over time, as humans evolved, they chose various names for this something to make it easier to understand what they were talking about when they discussed the something. Humans used many many names, but in the end, one word often described whom they are talking about. God. God has always been around, but we humans just did not understand who God was and where God came from. That is what I have now help you understand as you read prior to this point. SO now lets try to understand God more, to better understand where we and God come together. We will touch on God's knowledge of everything, God's ability to know everything, and God's ability to do anything.

As OUR (Earthlings) Universe evolved and our planet, life, and people evolved. The being we called God (which we will at this point call "God") chose to watch and learn to see what became of the big bang that came from the nothing that was something that started when the something created light. So, as we know, God was thought, and that thought had the ability to create, but that thought wanted to see what came of their creation, and so God sent their mind out, to explore and infect to also reside in everything at one time. Ok, wait, that is confusing. How could anyone be in everything at the same time? Good question, let me explain.

When God created the Everything. God decided to see how everything was going to evolve. Being that God was pure thought, it was a simple task of allowing themselves to reside in each thing they observed. Well, as thought is not restricted to Time, God just went back in time to the beginning and then followed the development of something new. Doing this over and over for…well for everything. From the smallest of things to the largest. Observing the evolution of everything. Dust becoming Planets and stars, to live to death. Watching and observing. Since God was thought and with thought came memory, God also remembered everything that they observed. Since they have observed everything from it's conception to it's ending, God knows and has experienced everything WE have known and experienced from our life's beginning to our lives ending and everything in-between. Thus, the ALL KNOWING.

This is not where it ends though. For, along on the ride, once God has experienced all that they were to experience when observing, God decided to see what would happen if they were to follow along AGAIN, but, this time, GOD chose to change something. The direction of an Atom, the size of a Star, the stopping of the smallest of dust specks from being part of a planet. Now, keep in mind, the Big Bang is NOT just once, it is happening over and over in infinite places in the void of space. We just don't see them or have evidence because they are so far away, we don't have any evidence that it's possible. So, keeping that in mind, you should be able to understand what I am about to say. WHEN God alters something somewhere, God is actually creating a new and different reality. One where everything evolves differently. Be it so slight as to be nearly unnoticeable to an observer, or so much that it is virtually the opposite of what an observer might have expected. That being said, there are INFINITE REALITIES. Additionally, that also means, there are realities where anything and everything WE as humans can consider do or DID exist at some point.

Infinite Realities. Somewhere in the multi-realitieverse, there is a Reality where a version of me, typing this same document, but instead of a computer, they are using a living creature that is their computer. The person has 6 arms, is 2 feet tall and has Green hair. AND in some other reality, there is a version of me, doing the same thing but they are as indistinguishable to what I am NOW as I am to myself, only the other me is part of a universe where the alteration GOD made was done at some remote location in that reality that is so far off from the "ME" of that reality that, my development in that reality was unaltered from what my current reality has evolved to. (in other words, the other ME and this me are, in all intense and purpose, the same thing). What does this mean for YOU and for those whom worship God and believe in God as their savior and the all mighty and all powerful with the ability to punish. Well, it means in some REALITY, GOD does do all that stuff you might expect or want. It also means, in some Reality, nothing happens.

You see, GOD is in everything everywhere. God influences everything everywhere. BUT, God does not interact with everything everywhere in away that you or I will recognize. At least, NOT in every Reality. What you have to hope is, when you pray to God and ask for things, you have to HOPE YOU are in the reality where GOD DOES interact with you and others. For, if God does not, then your Prayers will go unanswered. If you DO happen to be in the specific realities where GOD does answer your prayers, well then, there you go. You got lucky. Just know, in any Reality that YOU got lucky to be in one where God answers your questions, then that means an ALTERNATE of YOU (another YOU) is in a Reality where no prayers are answered and everything happens as it happens. It is…what it is and, that won't change. At least, not for the YOU that is in the Reality where GOD does not interact with those in it. If this confuses you then think of it this way. In some reality, GOD DOES punish the Evil and not the Good. In some reality, Good live a long happy life and Evil die early. In some reality, there is no war, no plagues, no pestilence, no Evil. Yes, and in some, it's the opposite. For, as you have learned, there must be balance. For every positive there is going to be a negative. So, for every reality where Love and Happiness are supreme, there is an equal and opposite reality where there is no love and no happiness. We just happen to reside in a reality where the balance goes back and forth enough to permit both.

So there you go. Now you understand why God Knows All, See's ALL, and can Do ALL. God is everything all at once. Influencing everything, altering anything, changing anything, doing…anything (and everything at some point).

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