Understanding Heaven and Hell
We all go to heaven sooner or later.
How much later depends on YOU.

Before I explain, first let me point out some mistakes that some religions have made, or presented incorrectly. OR perhaps in some cases, outright lied.

I am sorry but you were lied to. You are NOT the embodiment of God. The HUMAN is not born in God's image. An egotistical fool at some point in the past chose to believe this and passed this on to their Son's, and eventually, their daughters. No King was going to let it be less. But the fact is, the only embodiment of God we were given is HIGHER Intelligence PLUS Rational Thought PLUS Compassion. All living creatures with HIGHER Intelligence PLUS Rational Thought PLUS Compassion were created to house a fraction of God within their being. It is not the body, but the essences that we have been given of God. LIFE with a higher intelligence rather than instinct was given to us because we were created to be the "Care Takers" of worlds NOT the rulers.

On world where there is higher intelligent life, the purpose of that higher intelligent life is to be that worlds care taker. To learn, grow, develop, and find better ways to care for the world. Help that world flourish and grow into a better, healthier world. The caretakers were endowed with HIGHER Intelligence PLUS Rational Thought PLUS Compassion, because in time, those care takers would evolve to the highest degree of every aspect of their lives. Socially, Mentally, Psychologically, Intellectually, Spiritually, Interpersonally, Physically, and Scientifically. As they grow and evolve, they would be destined to expand out into space to settle on other worlds where higher Intelligent life did not develop and become that worlds care taker. Perhaps even helping life on that world evolve to become that worlds Natural Care Takers. Eventually taking over the responsibility we had, thus giving us a chance to help be a part of that worlds NEW Natural setting.

In time perhaps even that new Higher Intelligent life we helped grow, will evolve into a better more balanced people who too, will spread out into space, also settling new worlds to become that new worlds Caretaker, Helping life and Nature through nurturing and love.

Some may contest the Caretakers, and try to destroy them or conquer them. Being a caretaker of a world does not mean permitting one's self to be destroyed. That is what the Higher Intelligence is for. That is what the capacity to work with, understand, and create using Science is for. To create better stronger defenses and at times perhaps even offensive responses to dangers untold, numbers uncounted, and events that negotiations and social interaction can not end.

For, it is the caretakers duty to put Nature first.

Evil and Good are a misconception and a LIE to manipulate others. Evil and Good are the gray areas of life where people traditionally find the most comfortable places to be. Evil and Good are there for people to live their lives unaware of what their true potential is, and unaware of how controlled they are. The truth is benefit and detriment are truly the paths to follow, and evil and good should only be looked at as basic guideline to know when the edge of the extremes are being approached. Anything that is beneficial to only one HUMAN or perhaps a small sampling of humans is NOT a benefit, it is a personal benefit and therefore, and for the sake of heaven, it is a detriment. Good and Evil are to opposing factors that can not come to a consensus in the gray area. What is good for one, might be evil for another. To Kill is Evil, but to Kill a killer is good? A person that is beating someone is bad, but a police officer that beats someone is good? Killing a person is bad, but killing a person to save another person is good? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Society however is ingrained with "Good and Evil" with Good pertaining to that which is beneficial in most cases. So for this document, I will use the words Good and Evil at times, for general descriptive purposes only in hope that logic dictates that they are not the end all guild to life and growth.

Socialism and Communism is not a necessity for a culture to grow and thrive, they are an added advantage to permit for a better form of Government. On their own and without Capitalism, they will never flourish to their maximum potential, but in combination with each other, and capitalism, they can become the greatest and most compassionate form of Government possible. Capitalism can quite easily be a lifestyle and still provide benefits to all. It's a question of integrating Socialism, Capitalism and Communism into ones chosen Governmental style. The perfect Government that incorporates a degree of all three to create a more loving, compassionate, and socially responsible government that would evolve.

Heaven and Hell are a lie. Heaven is not pearly gates and on the other side, loved ones waiting for you with open arms. Hell is not fire and brimstone and eternal damnation. Heaven is a rebirth yet again, but into an eternal life of true and total Fulfillment, Compassion, and Happiness. Hell is being reborn into the Mortal world that you currently live in. In this case, in your case, Earth. A life to relive over and over until you learn to BE that Caretaker the LORD needs you to be. Until you learn that lesson, you will live over and over a life of struggles, missteps, and misery. You will live the Mortal life, until you learn to accept yourself and live in love and compassion for all LIFE. A compassion for the World, for Nature, for Plants and Animals, the Fish, and even Man.

If you wish to learn more about Heaven and Hell, then read on my friend and learn the TRUTH rather than the misconceptions and lies most Religions tell you. Learn that, until you accept all others for their base value of life and let go of your constraints like bigotry, racism, and so forth, until you learn to show love and compassion to all life with that acceptance, you will not ascend into heaven.

------------ To quote a line from the Movie the Matrix,"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." --------------

One of the first and foremost factors we have to understand is that EARTH is NOT the only place that has life OR intelligent life on it. As much as many people want to believe the Human race ON EARTH is the ONLY life in the universe, it is a bit unrealistic at best. That being said, this means, GOD has created other worlds with life on them and we just have not connected up with those worlds via SCIENCE. Yes, God promotes Science as well.

Next we have to understand that the universe is NOT only the known universe and perhaps should not be called, "The Universe" in the first place. The big bang we are part of is not the ONLY big bang and, in fact there are untold numbers of Big Bangs throughout the universe. Science just has not nor can not prove it, but it is again logical seeing as, we don't have something, and then nothing. The Something never ends. This is so, because GOD never ends, and Gods creations continue to be created moment after moment everywhere throughout the Universe.

So, now first think about this.
There are untold Big Bangs, and uncountable Universes that have been created with a Big Bang. In each of those are uncounted Galaxies which all have stars, and planets. In those galaxies there is LIFE. Life created by God. Yes, that is correct, there are Aliens and they have a God and that God, if it is a God of goodness and love and compassion to everyone and everything, then it is the same God as we have. Perhaps with descriptions in different words, languages, and behavior, but yes, it is possible for others to believe in, and know of the same God. Perhaps with a different name and background and such, but it could still be the same God.

So now we know, life is boundless and the amount of worlds life is on is infinite AND we now understand that new worlds, new universe' and new galaxies are in constant birth. That being said, this will help; you to understand why we all go to heaven eventually. There will never be an end to what God is doing and creating.

When we are born, we are given a soul. That soul is our link to God and to our path to Heaven. That soul follows with us to every rebirth (or after life if you wish to look at it that way). Starting with that first birth that we experience. Additionally, keep in mind that our first birth could be of something other than as a Human. Our world started at some point before Humans populated it, just as other worlds are also born and evolve with life growing and developing upon it. As such and being that humans have only been on the earth for a short period of time compared to the age of the earth, and that the earth its self has been around for a very very long time, when the first life came to be, it could have been you or me in amoebic form. A one celled life form, evolving over and over, eventually to walk the earth.

More over, we might have been created long long after some other world where the people of that world were being born, and died. The beginning of your spiritual life could have started so very long ago, or as early as, the person you are today. You could have been born on another world, and before you ever attained heaven, that world died, and the people of that world (including you) may very well be what is populating our Earth today. We might have been conceived in the first moments of life on earth, as an amoeba, or we might be born tomorrow as the human we were meant to evolve into.

What happens after that birth, HOW we live our life, determines if we are REBORN to try again and possibly again and again, (or born to another world if the Earth dies), or if we finally go to Heaven. That's right, I said reborn, or if you wish you can choose reincarnated. Use what ever word you wish to rationalize and accept it. Life on earth, or what ever world we are on, is NOT heaven. It is our MORTAL existence. Life is like a classroom with guidelines and rules and logic, and it's a question of if we pass the test in the end to know if we move on, or are held back. It is where we learn what benefit and detriment is. As you may have noted, I did not say Good and Evil. I choose to not use those words here because the gray area of both is to close to be separate. As I asked earlier, is it good to kill? The answer, when judging GOOD and EVIL is a profound NO, but is it beneficial? In some instances, it is like to kill a serial killer to end their continued killing? Is it GOOD to KILL someone who killed someone else? According to GOOD and EVIL it is, but in truth, that killing could have been due to circumstances that lead up to an unfortunate event and, that so called "Killer" could easily be a BENEFIT if given the chance to learn, grow, and evolve into a better person. A...Caretaker if you will. Another instance is, is it good to beat someone up? According to GOOD and EVIL, the answer is NO, but when you look at the benefits and detriments of it, then perhaps the only way to subdue the target before they do more damage and cause more harm. Thus, we have our Police. Protectors, but using methods that, to the GOOD and EVIL may not be acceptable, but to the Benefit and Detriment, is acceptable.

That being said, the fact is, LIFE prior to Heaven is in actuality, HELL. That's right, for me, and you, life is HELL. Our first round is our chance to escape hell and get to heaven, but if we mess up, then we are being punished for not doing what we needed to do each previous time to make it out. However, the more choices we make that are a benefit to life, love, and nature, the closer we get to heaven. The more we do that with each progression, AND also incorporate those actions towards others, brings us that much closer to heaven. In time, we might even learn and grow enough to finally make it to heaven. Many many MANY people have. People of many worlds, in many universes from many other Big Bangs.

Now that you understand what it takes to get to heaven (be loving to everything, care for Nature, be a benefit to all). It is important to understand our place in Nature as a Higher Intelligent being. We are considered to be Intelligent and rational. We have evolved for a reason. That reason is because we are NOT made in God's image, but rather, we are made WITH the Essence of God within us. We were made to be the "CARE TAKERS" of Life, the world, nature, and each other. We were created in a way that permitted us to evolve into the innovators and scientists we are because we are supposed to utilize our Knowledge, Skills, Science and capacity for Development, to better benefit NATURE, not ourselves. As Nature benefits, we too shall reap benefit. As we learn, nature will provide more for us to learn from. In fact in time, we are expected to begin exploring space even. Finding new worlds where Intelligent life does not yet exist and we are to become "Care Takers" on those worlds as well. Helping nurture the life that exists on those worlds. To help it grow and develop and become a benefit to all. We were not BORN in the Image of GOD, we were born to live in the spirit of God. Beneficial to all, loving to all, caring to all, nurturing to all, and with the utmost compassion to all. Never to be selfish or self serving.

Now, as for Heaven. Heaven is not some big open field where every person we love will be found. Your loved ones will NOT be there waiting for you with open arms. They will not be waiting to greet you and hug you as you come walking through some pearly gates, Wings upon their backs, Harps in their arms, waiting to greet you and eventually go help someone in need. That description is from humans deluding you to the truth. No seriously, think about it. IF you died and went to heaven and you see your Mom and Dad and your siblings. Next to them is their Parents (your grand parents) and all of their siblings (your uncles and aunts), and of course your grandparents siblings (your grand uncles and aunts), and yet, then they have their loved ones from when they were growing up, and so on and so on. If you think about it. You will be in a field with EVERY SINGLE person all the way back in time. Innumerable numbers of people there, your family, even though you don't know most of them. Ludicrous and wrong. We don't go to some heavenly place where everyone we loved is waiting for us.

Heaven is……

Think about what the ultimate gift any person could ever receive after you have completed the MORTAL journey and finally ascend into Heaven. So many people have so many ideas, but in the end, the ultimate gift is fulfillment. The one true purpose for life is, to have a fulfilling life. To have a reason to exist. Not just to live, but to have something to exist for. The best way to achieve that is to find your calling. That which you would be fulfilled and happiest doing. We are not talking about making money, we are talking about fulfillment. Doing something that provides a benefit to you and others and brings you happiness.

Oddly enough, a movie was made that hit on this topic indirectly. An Adam Sandler (Facebook and Twitter Links) where, in it's comedic way, it lets its audience know how important fulfillment is. The movie is "You Don't Mess With The Zohan". A movie where a man who has lived a life of a hero, helping his country, and helping people to be happier, safer, and healthier life, is not fulfilled until he finally pursued the career he needed and wanted to be happy. As the movie progressed, we found that his nemesis had the same issue and, when given the chance to be fulfilled, he was no longer a nemesis, but another hero.

Heaven is not pearly gates WHEN you finally get there. Heaven is being BORN yet again, but this birth is the last time you are born. This time you are born into a body and into a place where. you belong, and what ever you are doing, you experience fulfillment in your life. However, you are not born as an infant, but rather you are born into a form that best fits your needs. A form that, to others is comforting and joyful to see. Your form could even change in accordance to whom you are around, such that it brings both you and them comfort. Your form, your physical form will be based upon your SOUL, and as such, it's physical appearance shall always be fluid. Ready to bring happiness and love to you and others.

As for what you will be doing, you are born into a life where every day of every year you look forward to what ever it is you will be doing. Never a dull day, never a bad day, never a frustrating or irritating day. More over, you might not even be doing something you ever expected to do. You might have lived your previous life as a Banker,or a Race Car Driver, and before that a Mail Man, before that a soldier. Yet, when you die, you might find that your rebirth brings you something new, a career or field that best fits your soul. You are what you should have been. Perhaps an Artist, a Professional Skydiver, a veterinarian, or a botanist. You might even be a dog walker. Who knows. What ever it is you do, it will be that which fits you best. That which you will be happy doing for however long you choose to do it. More over, you will never feel a need to leave it, and yet, you can. At any point, you can look at options for a new area of interest just to get a new experience, and when you try it, you will always find it something worth trying. Who knows, perhaps you have more than one calling?

We are not talking about a Star Trek movie (Star Trek: Generations (1994)) where Kirk was in that world, but found it unfulfilling. Every challenge always achieved. No, in heaven, when you need to fail, to give you more, you will. When you need to succeed though, you shall. The reason is, you will no longer have the road blocks you had in your Mortal life. You will not have extenuating circumstances blocking you or distracting you from what you do or strive to do. No longer will money be a road block, no longer will you need to give up for others, no longer will you be so depressed that you just don't have the drive to get up no mind doing something. Instead, the drive you often felt at some point in your life will be constant and success will always be within reach when you strive for it. In heaven, you WANT to be a better person all the time. It just feels...right.

But wait, what about seeing my loved ones?

My Mom and Dad. My grand father, you might be asking. All those people who were supposed to be waiting for you behind the Pearly Gates.
The fact is, they might be in heaven as well for you to see, or, they might still be on the journey to make it to heaven. It all depends on how well they did or did not do during their life (or lives). Not all people make it after the first round. Some don't make it until untold number of times being reborn. There may be some who are still on the journey from long into the past. Yet, for those that did make it, you will see them as easily as just wanting to see them.

The beautiful thing about Heaven is, no matter who you go to visit, be with, or see, they will visually be what you need to see. Again, think about what happens to people. Some people age and pass on later in their lives as older people, while they may have had siblings that passed on so much sooner. Heaven does not care what you looked like when you passed on. Their form will be based upon their soul, just as your form will be based upon your soul. Accordingly, whom ever you see, they will be what feels best for both of you. For it will be LOVE that will dictate how you respond to them. You will each be what best fits your perfect image of each other. Why is it this way you might ask. Because people die at different intervals of their lives, and in this case, it could be the end of a life where they were living long long after you already made it to heaven. In their last life, they might have been a Man or women, very young or very old. So when they finally make it to heaven, like you, they have no real form and, as such, their form instead will be seen as what you (or in their case they) need to see to be fulfilled in the heart.

Now, lets go on the assumption you have a sister and she too is now in Heaven. When you think to yourself, "I want to see my sister", then as needed, circumstances will change such that, you are needed wherever it is your sister is. Or perhaps you just need a time to relax and get away and so you contact your sister or perhaps when your thinking about it, you get a call from your sister asking if you want to hang out or get together. Or, perhaps you are now a Dentist and you get a call from a very important client who can't come to you and needs you to come to them. Your assistants and helpers are all able to work things out such that you can go with little to no arrangements. When you go, unknown to you, that client also happens to be local to where your sister lives. So, you are able to continue to live a fulfilling life and also get to see your sister. Somehow, in some odd way, things will seem to always work out.

Another beautiful thing about heaven is that old issues that kept you from heaven are no longer part of who you are. If you were at one time a bigot who could not stand being around a specific culture, after round after round of living life, you learned over time how unless that was. Eventually it leaves you and now, you are welcoming to all. The same will go for personal issues like, if you thought you were over weight or to thin. To tall or too short. Perhaps you had dark hair and wanted light hair. Your eye color, your skin, etc. All of that will have fallen away by the time you make it to heaven such that nothing but wonderful love and compassion and care will be what makes you who you are. As such, you no longer will have to confront issues like bigotry from others either. For in heaven, there is none. All are accepted no matter how different they are to you or those you know or love. Anything negative has, in all intense and purpose grown out of you just as it has grown out of anyone else that is in heaven. No longer a part of who you are.

Some wonder what Heaven is like, physically. Heaven has no physical substance. Everything you experience, everything you do, see, hear, and so forth is in your mind and comes through your soul. Your personal connection with God. As such, there is no true substance. But that does not mean you will never experience the physical beauty that is part of the Mortal World. On the contrary, you will always have that as well. For within the Heaven's are those experiences. They are shared throughout the entire multi-verse with every other living creature that has ascended. For there are things you will never have seen before, nor would have on the world you might have inhabited. Yet, those beautiful experiences, places, and things are out there. In heaven, because you share your home with so many others, every one of their experiences are now available to you as well. A friend describes a beautiful memory of a glad with blue grass and red plants. You wonder how it would be to see it. Well, in heaven, you can.

In fact one of the most common things for people to do when they go to heaven is to explore. They spend a large amount of time just going from world to world, city to city, place to place to see and experience the beauty that is Nature, Science, and Creativity. All the time, coming across experiences that let them do something that gives them fulfillment. Once in heaven, the wonders and beauty's of the Universe are available to you.

Angeles of Heaven

When in heaven, there will be uncounted numbers of Angeles. Angeles are there to help you with your needs. Angels are actually people, like yourself, whom over time reach a point in their own Heavenly development, that they want to help others in what ever capacity they can. They don't look like the Christian Angels with wings, they are just people like you. Very loving, caring, helpful people, like your office help who care for your patients when you are gone, or your friend who cares for your plants at your home when you are away, and so forth. They are all welcoming and loving. Willing to help you just as you know if they need you, you will help them. In fact, in time, as you read on, you will see that eventually YOU will evolve into an Angel like them.

What if an Angel wants a break to see something or someone

Like yourself, when an Angel wishes to go somewhere or see someone, events will work themselves out such that, they can. Perhaps things get really slow and they are not needed at the time. Perhaps a new hire comes on and is a fantastic fit such that the angel can go, and when they return, things get busy enough that they are a welcome return. Events will somehow always work themselves out perfectly.

When in heaven, you will never be in a spot of stress, for no matter how things go, something will always happen to that will cut the stress off long before it could happen. For example, on Earth where bad experiences are a part of life, you might have stuff happen on the way home from work. An accident, a flat tire, a mugging, traffic, and so on. You might get home to find a neighbor is upset, or the power went out, or perhaps you forgot to go to the grocery store. Yet in heaven, no negative things happen. As your going home, something will redirect you such that you are able to get the shopping done without forgetting, something will happen to redirect you so that instead of coming home to a house where the power is out, you stop to see a friend and, when you get home, the power has already been restored. To some this would be called lucky. Perhaps that might be the best way to put it. You will constantly be SUPER lucky. Lucky in that things that might cause stress to you will never happen.

In time, while you are in heaven, you too will also begin to evolve. Your evolution will be to become an angel as well. In time you will learn that helping others is quite fulfilling and, when each helps each other with no need for recompense, fulfillment is even greater. When you reach that point in your growth, you will begin to see the truth. That you are more than just a person, you are an angel who has the ability to bring even greater happiness to others. When that realization his, you will have the option to move on, or to continue in the heavily life you have. If you choose to continue as an Angel in Heaven, you will be like all the other wonderful and beautiful people you have in your life. Always trying to help each other. Yet, you could also move on to something a lot harder, with greater challenges than anything you ever expected. Challenges that will be something more unique than ever, and at the same time, they could also be more horrific than you would ever expect. Horrific such that, you might even detour from your purpose.

If you choose to evolve to your greatest degree of satisfaction and purpose, then you will be on your way to yet a new and more powerful mission. For, what few realize is, Animals do not have souls. They have angels in them, and those Angels are people like you, who evolved to the point that they are even ready to once again venture into the Mortal World, specifically to try to bring Unconditional Love to others. To perhaps even teach what Unconditional Love is.

Animals were created for more than just food. They were created to help the Mortal living to better see and understand what Unconditional Love is. With that better understanding, they are even closer to achieving heaven as well. Your mission with the living will be to try and help them learn and understand Unconditional Love such that that they are given a greater chance to ascend into heaven just as you have. You will be given a chance to share your unconditional love with others. Even those whom may never appreciate it. For, those whom have not yet ascended into heaven are still living in hell due to their ways, and the selfish things they do. So, your mission will be hard, but as an angel, you will have what is necessary to work it out or return home to try again. For, not all those living beings are ready to care for an animal. Some are so horrifically unready that you, in your animal form may not even survive the mortal encounter. Additionally, in some cases some animals never get the chance to share their Angelic Love due to consumption. Yet, as the person you are and have evolved into, you will always be ready to take all experiences with stride, and when ready, venture forth to try again. For, that is why Animals are as beautiful as they are. They have an Angel in them there specifically to help us understand what LOVE is all about.

Once you reach the point of ascension into sharing unconditional love, you will have achieved total and full fulfillment. For there is no better calling than to show and share, unconditional love.

Welcome to heaven.

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