How the Universe Began
         (A theory by Nanette E. Sage)

To better understand the Big Bang, we all need to first understand that there is a greater Universe and a Lesser Universe and the Greater Universe has no ending to how big it is. The Lesser Universe is OUR universe. The Universe that came from, what we as Humans call the Big Bang. The Greater Universe is basically everything beyond OUR KNOWN Universe.

We currently know only about 5% of what really makes up the Universe. With this 5%, it is assumed we know there is nothing else other than what we know about our universe. That's right, we are basing our theory that there is nothing else out there beyond our universe on a knowledge of 5%. More over, we have theorized that, in time, everything down to the Neutrino's will eventually die. That trillions (to the Trillionith power is my best guess) years from now, there will be Nothing and the end of all will happen and, well that's the end of reality I guess.

I believe this to be incorrect.

In my personal opinion, there is no logical reason to assume everything came and then will go and then there will be nothing ever again. For one, because we don't know where we started, and as such, we don't know if a NEW Start will happen again. Well, guess what. I have a theory and that theory says there is NO end to everything.

I for one have my own theory on this and, I will share that theory with you.

In the beginning of OUR Lesser Universe (which I will call the "Sol-Universe" for ease of explanation), there was a Big Bang, and from that Big Bang, the "Sol-Universe" came to be. That explosion is where Matter that makes up the "Sol-Universe" came from. At least, the Matter that makes up the "Sol-Universe".

Now, it is said that Energy can not be destroyed. That it may change, but it can never be destroyed. Yet it is also theorized that Matter can change to energy. I believe that if enough energy accumulates or happens in one location, Matter is created. Energy so massive, that nothing in our language can even come close to explain it's amount.

As Matter was created (by interaction of energy), the contents of our universe was created into what we know now as Planets, stars, and all other Matter, energy, etc. that we have learned about. Basically, anything and everything that makes up our universe.

Now, there is something called Dark Energy. It is theorized that Dark Energy is pulling everything further and further apart. Astronomers theorize that the faster expansion rate is due to a mysterious, dark force that is pulling galaxies apart. One explanation for dark energy is that it is a property of space. ... As a result, this form of energy would cause the universe to expand faster and faster. So, as Science has shown, our Universe is expanding. The Galaxies are moving further and further apart from each other. The Galaxies themselves are spreading out as well, and even solar systems and the planets of solar systems are expanding out.

As Science also shows, in time, Galaxies will be so far from other galaxies, that there will be no way to know other galaxies even exist. They will have spread apart to much to ever have their light or energy reach other galaxies within the "Sol-Universe".

And then, in time, the Galaxies themselves will become so spread out that even the stars within a specific galaxy within the "Sol-Universe" will no longer have their light reach other stars. The Sky will be, in all intense and purpose, black. No stars in the sky.

As the the "Sol-Universe" expands more and more, less and less materials like gasses and molecules will be available to create new stars (Suns), new planets, and new solar systems. So, without the creation of new stars, all the Stars will eventually die, never being replaced by others. Then the forces that make up the stars and planets will eventually be broken down to their most base degree, or taken by the ever still also expanding Black Hole. Eventually the only thing still active will be the black holes. Sucking up what little they can find. Yet, in time, the emission of Hawking Radiation will bring about the end of those Celestial Nightmares, evaporating as, no new Matter will exist to continue their life.

In the end, perhaps a Trillion (to the Trillionith power) years from now, everything from the biggest to the smallest of things will have regressed to their most basic degree of substance…energy. Yet, even though Science proposes that is the end, I believe it is not.

Once matter regresses to it's base energy form, it will evolve into Dark Energy. So, now we know where everything goes at the very end of it's existence. It becomes Dark Energy, but that is not where it ends. There is more.

Again, let me remind you that this is just my own personal theory. No science to back it up, just a theory…or a guess if you wish.

When energy goes from our matter enriched plane of existence to the Dark Dark Energy plane of existence, that energy adds to the movement and strength of the Dark Energy. That's right. The Dark Energy becomes more and more powerful. Well, what our 5% knowledge of the Universe does not yet understand is, Dark Energy moves in waves, and those waves are like ripples on a pond, but on a greater scale. It is a movement that is so fast as to be incalculable, but yet, does exist. It is the force that progressively pushes OUR universe further and further apart. The more Matter that dies, the greater the strength of the wave of Dark Space.

What science can not figure out is that eventually those waves become so powerful that, when multiple waves clash into a junction point (many waves hitting the same spot from different directions) against each other (think about multiple stones tossed into a calm lake), they emit an explosion of energy that combines and is forced together so tightly that it generates a Massive Explosion. An explosion that can be considered a "Big Bang".

THIS tight point in space where the Dark Energy collided literally espouses that which is the building blocks of Matter in the Greater Universe.

AND now the shocker.

Our Big Bang was not the only one, nor is it the only one that is currently in expansion in the Greater Universe.

This is a good time to explain what the "Greater Universe" is.

The Greater Universe is an infinite amount of space with an infinite number of OTHER BIG BANGS. It is so big that no matter how much one would like to see the edge, it would never happen. Within this Greater Universe (of which our Universe is in along with untold numbers of others), incalculable "Big Bang"s are taking place. They just happen to be so far apart and so far away that science, no matter how advanced it gets, will never see or find evidence of. Long before the energy of another Universe reaches another universe, both will have dissipated into Dark Energy. Massive massive amounts of super strong super powerful Dark Energy. AND when this Dark Energy hits other dark energy like two ripples from two different stones colliding, a NEW BIG BANG happens. The collision point does not so much explode as, it first implodes, drawing in all the energy around it like a giant black hole, only much much stronger. THEN, when it hits a critical point of energy buildup, it explodes inwards first, then outwards in the form of Matter.

So, our Big Bang is not the only one and the "Sol-Universe" is not the only one. The cycle of creation is ever going on like a circle of life.

But wait, how did everything actually start? you ask. Well, see my page describing how GOD started for that.

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