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Welcome to The World of Nanette (daa daa daa daaaaaaaaa),

Life is such a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, for some, life becomes a trap. A place to get lost and just go from day to day until they die. Going to work, coming home, watch TV, then again and again. Sometimes perhaps even a movie or going out to dinner. That is not the way it should be in my opinion and that is not the way it is for me.

Creativity and expression is so important to me. To just imagine and be able to share those thoughts. Think back when you were a child, or watch and talk to children. They have the key to happiness because instead of being forced into WANTING, they just enjoy everything without NEEDING. A Tea party with toys, racing around with Hot Wheels, G.I.Joe's combating evil. As we get older, some of us choose to hold onto that wonderful aspect of ourselves. We continue to grow up but we do things like read Comic books, and Fantasy Science Fiction Novels, and more.

This page is about my interests. Not all my interests, but some. Enough to help you understand that I enjoy the imagination and creativity that abounds in the mind. Many people I know just don't find joy in expressing their creativity. Perhaps they let it go when young, or they were not permitted to experience it. Perhaps they grew up and developed the idea that these things are for children. I really don't know, I only know they are missing out on something wonderful.

Think about some of these topics and ideas below. Experiences. Hopefully you will find it all as exciting as I did.

It's a clear day. You can see the birds flying around and the bees are buzzing. So perfect, so beautiful. Then, out of no where, there is a large explosion and a brilliant flash of light. The next thing you know, your world is on fire, changing before your very eyes. Cities turn to Castles, towns to Hamlets and your now caught in a world where Technology does not exist and Magic is the norm. So where do you go now, who do you talk to? What is your next move? This is the world of Fantasy and Science Fiction. A world where you pull from your imagination and just enjoy the possibilities of other realities. It is a place that the imagination can let loose and just run with the freedom that it needs.

The conquest of the mundane has proven a difficult battle. Great wars recorded in the annuals of the Science Fiction community detailing the many and various struggles by fellow creatives. With that struggle comes games and books. In this case the game is a card game called Magic-The-Gathering. It is a strategy based game played with Collectible Cards. The more cards you have the better your chance is to create a deck that will overcome and defeat your opponent.

For some, the beginning was with just a few comic books gathered or given as gifts. Comics that, over time, opened the imagination of many of us. We read about Superman flying around, invincible, strong, or Batman thwarting evil in the night. Over time, some of us like my self learned about games that gave people a chance to create a super hero or even experiment being a person that one could never know how to be in real life. I was able to give that hero the powers I thought would be best. Was I limited to just those that were my gender? Not at all. For me, one of the best games I ever played is called "Champions". A game based on a point system to keep things balanced, yet permitted me a great starting point for some fantastic characters. One of my most favorite characters was Crystal Storm. A Character that had powers over Cold. She is shown here. Another was Tommytron, one of my first characters. The character you see here is "Crystal Storm".

The games out there in the world are not limited though to just superhero's. Not by a long shot. There are a variety of games ranging from Superhero's, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, to games that work with a historical background. A great deal of games work with facts that are just enhanced to permit the imagination opportunity to express it's self. Take Call of Cthulhu. This game is based on books written by an author from the past yet his horror books had such an impact, that the game is one of the leading Horror Games available. Then there is one of the worlds most popular Fantasy games called Dungeons & Dragons. A game based on Fiction and Fact. It uses a great deal of historical, geographical, and Social Information about various cultures to give a more realistic adventuring experience. In addition, it adds the concept of Magic and Religion to give players an even wider spectrum to work with and adventure with.

Here is a more recent game I have played that is based in the Old West. It works on the concept of Horror in the old west where your a hero fighting the evil of the world, but the game utilizes the Horror concepts of various cultures. From the walking dead and Magic to Vampires and Demon's. Dead Lands.

Along with a variety of games and such I am a novice collector of Art Books and I am also a fan of various Science Fiction and Fantasy movies as well. In particular, I am of the opinion that the two best movies ever made are LadyHawk and Princess Bride of which both are based on the concept that TRUE LOVE is and can be a real experience. Being a hopeless romantic, I have never stopped pondering on the idea that perhaps I may be one of the few out of millions that might just experience it.

Both Movies are based in a Fantasy Setting which of course enhances the idea that TRUE LOVE is just that, a fantasy, of which portrays a level of true love that only the imagination can comprehend. As romantic as this concept is such that it enhances a Fantasy movie, I believe it is REAL and possible. As, I have experienced it and know it to be a true experience.

My interests are not just focused on Fantasy and Science Fiction. There is a variety of other interests that I have. I also enjoy bicycling, long walks on beaches, hikes in parks. I find that nature is the most beautiful things that any person can experience. Walking in a forest just as the sun shines in, or walking around a park after a rain has cleaned all the plants and trees, bringing out the colors more vibrant than any photo can do. I just wanted to share something so unique and different with you.

Before we venture to the end of this page, I want to make sure I share with you the links to a friend of mines site. An increadible Artist and all around wonderful person, Julian Liu. Please, if you get the time, visit his site. Yo u will see some truly beautiful photos and compositons. Links to his site can be found on the page this link will send you to. Friends Awesome Websites.

It would seem I have shared a lot with you, but it is often best to leave a reader with a last, wonderful thought. What is life unless you have someone to share your life with. A person that you can share your most wonderful experiences with, your joys and sorrows, your love, and warmth of heart with. For me I have found the person whom I want to share mine with, her name is Nancy Jones-Komlosky. I shall hope that everyone will experience such joy.

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