“It is in the best interest of society that valid claims be ascertained and fabricated claims be exposed.”
Supreme Court
State of Pennsylvania

Access PhotoSurveillance LLC has been operational in the Nebraska/South Dakota area since 1992, conducting all types of investigations utilizing covert surveillance activities.

Once an industry serving the courts in divorce matters, covert surveillance is now geared toward examining the validity of claimants alleging almost any sort of personal injury. With claims awards growing to never-before-seen amounts, and juries being entirely unpredictable, defendants must frequently look to covert videotaped evidence to put a sense of balance back into the legal process.

Who Does Access PhotoSurveillance LLC Serve?

  1. Employers, Insurers, and Attorneys involved in any injury claim
  2. Employers wishing to verify the activities of employees with chronic absenteeism or to investigate abusers of the new “Family Leave” act
  3. Persons wishing to verify the activities of a spouse

How to Start a Surveillance:

It’s easy, just have all relevant information at your disposal, and allow 10-15 minutes to discuss your concerns, doubts, budgetary and time constraints, and goals. Also discuss your organization’s requirements regarding written reports, duplicate videos, 35MM photos, etc.

About Our President:

David Jay Uden, President and Chief Investigator of Access PhotoSurveillance LLC, graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (Criminal Justice) and has done graduate work at UNO. Following 10 years of undercover investigations and working as a “locator” for the Child Support Enforcement division of the NDSS, he began doing covert video surveillance cases, opening Access PhotoSurveillance LLC in 1992. He has been featured in the Omaha World-Herald.

$50.00 per hour plus expenses, with retainer required of new clients.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured

P.O. Box 4334
Omaha, NE 68104
Tel: (402) 455-9033
Fax: (402) 455-5388