Altima Lighting Creations provides the lighting buyer with the highest value. By combining superior materials, finish, workmanship and the industry's best warranty, you can be confident that Altima Lighting Creations is the right choice for your custom residential or commercial project.

Real Effect Lighting - No Plastic Toys

Unlike hardware store plastic kit lighting, Altima Lighting Creations systems are comprised of architectural grade components installed by professionals that cannot be performed with "kit" lighting. We specialize in discreet lighting fixtures for a more subtle lighting approach to your landscape needs.

Aerospace Grade Materials

We use a manufactured product with the commitment to incorporate expensive nonferrous materials into an affordable landscape lighting fixture line. We've never had a fixture back on a warranty basis due to corrosion. Few other manufactured products can make that statement!

Functional, Durable & Serviceable

To make a lasting contribution to a lighting project a fixture must endure the harsh, low-level exterior environment. Our lighting uses military specs for a finish that would withstand both salt spray and aqueous chemical exposure. We are committed to making your lighting investment a long-term contribution to your landscape project. Our lighting systems have withstood the test of time by combining smart design with features that allow for easy and low-cost service.

Warranty - 10 Years!

The manufacturer, FX Luminaire, has the confidence in their products to offer this type of guarantee, because no other manufacturer has worked so hard to identify and resolve potential problems before they occur. Altima Lighting Creations uses the very finest components, assuring you years of trouble-free enjoyment from your lighting system.

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