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veryone likes to smile. Unfortunately many people don't because they are uncomfortable about their teeth. But those fears are unfounded. Not with todays technology and advancements in the Orthodontic fields. Here at Cardinale Orthodontic we strive to give you a better life and a happier outlook. We want you to feel better about yourself and about who you are.

Take this person for example. He is quite happy as you can see in the first photo. But when you look at him, don't you ponder if he notices the gaps in his teeth. The answer is yes, he does. He notices it every morning when he looks in the mirror before brushing his teeth. Just as you do when you get up.

hat can we do for you. Just as we have done for him. We will take photo's of you with that big beautiful happy face, and we will show you with a computer how you can improve on what you have.

e can show you how different you will look. The computer representation will not be exact but it can show that there might be a noticeable difference. A difference worth taking into consideration.

o assist you in your endevors, we even offer a coupon on line to help with those nasty expenses. Do you have insurance. Then this can help with the co-payment. Of give it to a friend as you send them our way. Just remember, everyone enjoys a beautiful smile.

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