Worship God NOT Religion
God is a word that describes an almighty being of ultimate power within many many cultures and religions. So many of the religions of the world are still even experiencing conflict due to their Religious Beliefs, and yet MOST of them seem to have one underlying, structural basis when you rip away all of the Man Made Factors. Be Good to one another. Be loving to one another. Be compassionate to one another. Care for one another.

The reason for this is, unbeknown to all of the religions of the world, they all are looking at and worshiping the same God. What they are doing wrong however, are putting man made restrictions on their religion. They are following archaic stories that man wrote claiming that God bespoke to them these words. They expect their followers (I choose not to say worshipers) to follow the conscripts that they present in the form of a book or other media. It is a tool for power over the masses. They are putting ceremonies and expectations and even unrealistic and deadly requirements on the worshipers that are wanted by the Church and not by God.

I do not subscribe to any of those religions that have such restrictions upon them. I worship the one true God. The True God has but one way to worship them. Through actions, and those actions must be Caring, Loving, and Compassionate. That's right, every time you are a Caring, Loving, and Compassionate person, you have put worship to MY God. You do not have to pray. You are not required to do some special ritual. You do not have to put your life on the line. You do not have to offer penance for your downfall actions. You do not have to donate money. You do not have to share your time with a Church or specialized Religious Community. Nope, all you have to do is be a really good person who shares Caring, Love, and Compassion to all life. For my God knows and understands that the most precious thing in the entire universe, in all creation, is the gift of life. AND that is why My God shall always be here long after your Religion has faded away.

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