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Well, it is coming along but there are A LOT of changes, edits and pages that are still incomplete. So, if you hit one and you see something seems unfinished, it most likely is. However, at least we have made it this far. Yippeeee. :D

           Product Design for Illuminations
           Pantone Color Chart
           Images of my College Degrees
           Websites of a Few Friends
           Bennett Electric logo I designed
           My Biography
           My FREE E-harmony Personality Profile
           My personal Interests
           A Story I wrote in College (Death Sentence Story)
           Fun Faxes created to cheer up my partner
           A page dedicated to my Mother
           Chivalry, Honor, Trust, and Respect
           Gaming Resources
           List of Games I have played, want to play, or have materials for
           The BLUE Images from some OLD AD&D Books
           Comics and Art Books I used to own
           Art Books
           An inexpensive way to build Trumps Wall
           The Death of Common Sense
           Learn about what a Narcissist is (like for example someone that might be a president of a company or country)
           My theory on how the universe started and what it is about
           Worship GOD, NOT Religion
           MY Personal Interpretation of Where God Came from and how everything REALLY started
           Trying to figure out how Heaven works
           SRVHS Class 1982
           SRVHS Class 1982 High Resolution Image
           Copyright page

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