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Hello fellow gamers,
This page is for various gaming resources and materials I have created for gaming.
Not a lot yet, but hopefully what you see will add to your fun.
Here is a list of the thumbnail images you will find below. Click on the thumbnail to download the PDF file:
A World of Darkness Werewolf Character Sheet. This document has two additional blank pages at the end. One is a full page sheet size. This full page sheet is what you get when you click the "Add a page" button that is at the bottom right of the third (3rd) page. The smaller sheet is what you get when you click the "add blank page" in the FETISHES section on the second (2nd) page.
A World of Darkness Werewolf Character Sheet (3 page fillable (form) pages
A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Character Sheet (2 fillable (form) pages and a 3rd page that generates a Character Card)
A Luther Arkwright Character Sheet (3 pages, fillable FORM)
A Settlers of Catan Set Up Cheat Sheet (3 pages) that also shows how to play a 2 player version and a 3 player island version.
6 Magic The Gathering Cards

The Forms were created using Adobe Acrobat Pro. They are designed to be used with Adobe Reader
NOTE: Adobe Reader can be buggy at times and each new version gets that much more picky. So if there are issues, please let me know and if I am able to edit the design to accomodate the Adobe update I will. However, I can not promise anything.

Till then, have fun.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to email me.
Nanette Sage

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